Tips & Tricks

In Advance

Download & Setup

Download the Zoom app on your phone or the plug-in for your computer from Once it's installed, you’ll need to grant it access to your microphone and camera in order for us to hear and see each other.

When you’re setting up your info, please make sure that you have your “Competitor Number - Full Name” listed as your Screen Name (“302 - Thomas Magnum”).

  • To update your name that's displayed, open up the Zoom app and go to Settings (the cog wheel icon), tap on your Profile at the top, then tap on Display Name to change the name that's shown.

We will be using that label to know whether you should be added in during that category or not. We’ll be adding you into the meeting one at a time so the judges can evaluate you one-on-one.

Tips & Tricks


Lighting's very important so the judges can get a good look at your facial hair. If possible, don’t sit with your back to a window or lamp. If you're in a room with a window, a.k.a. natural light, be sure to face the window. If the height works out to frame your face and facial hair, you could even place your phone on the ledge of the window. No window? Then have a light in front of you.

Positioning the Camera

It’s important that you position the camera at the optimum level. Start out right at eye level so you’re not looking up or down. You don’t necessarily want your friends looking up your nostrils during the call. Also make sure your phone is in the right orientation to show off your facial hair. Landscape (sideways) should work for most categories, but for the longer beards or freestyle categories, portrait (tall) orientation would likely be best.

During the Meeting with the Judges

When the Moderator brings you into the meeting with the judges, Zoom will prompt you “To hear others please join audio”. Tap on Call Over Internet and then the judges will be able to hear you from there on out.

From this point, it’s like being in front of any other judging panel. Both you and they will be free to ask you any questions and take time to evaluate your facial hair.

When the judges are set, you’ll be moved back into the Waiting Room until the very end of the category. Only when the winners from your category have been announced, tap your phone screen and tap on the red Leave button in the top right. Then click on Leave Meeting to confirm.

That’s it. Good luck on Saturday!