the CouchVid-20 Online Beard & ‘Stache Competition

Presented by Wolfgang Beard Co. & Hosted by the RVA Beard League

Watch the competition livestream

We're still Zoom novices, so the Speaker View stays for a few categories before staying in Gallery View.

Like so many other events this spring, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the RVA Beard League’s annual charity facial hair competition, the Mid-Atlantic Beard & ‘Stache Championships 008, Presented by Honest Amish. We usually hold it the last weekend of April, but we moved it to July 18th hoping things might not be that dire. Turns out we guessed wrong.

Colon cancer in young people hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic, so we’re doing what we can to still help out Shine For Scott, the MABSC 008’s non-profit beneficiary. They work to support, educate, detect, and cure colorectal cancer in young people. We’re proud to support their programs as an important part of the broader battle against cancers of all types.

So we moved our annual in-person event to April 24, 2021 and we’re holding an online competition instead on July 18th. Best of all, you can compete via video from the comfort of your own couch for this one! Come join us for the CouchVid-20 Online Beard & ‘Stache Competition!